Selling Your Vehicle?

Selling Your Tennessee Vehicle to an Individual

  • The seller(s) is responsible for completing and delivering the Certificate of Title to the purchaser of the vehicle.  The top section titled, "ASSIGNMENT OF TITLE BY REGISTERED OWNER", on the back of the Certificate of Title should be completed for sale between individuals.
  • TCA 55-3-127(d) requires the seller to enter the following information on the title:
    • The signature and printed name of seller(s)
    • the buyer's name
    • date of sale
    • sales price
    • odometer reading for vehicle less than ten years
  • If the transaction is between family members or has a low selling price, the Non-Dealer Transfer Affidavit will also need to be completed and given to buyer.
  • It is a good idea to make a copy or picture of the back of the title once the seller and buyer have signed and the other information is completed. If you cannot make a copy of the title, the seller may want the purchaser to sign a statement taking responsibility for the vehicle as of the sales date. 
  • Only the registered owner(s) (or legal designee) showing on the front of the title can sign as seller.
  • Any alteration or erasure voids the Certificate of Title.
  • The Re-assignment section on the back of the title is to be used by licensed dealers only.
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